Flushing Meadow Park - wideimaging

I was leaving Flushing Meadow Park on February 4th 2011 heading toward the Grand Central when about 200 ducks blocked the road (there are about 70 in this view alone) - they were not going to budge. The larger ones were nibbling at the snow banks, they moved a little when I got out to take this picture, otherwise I did not have the heart to disturb them further. I backed up through the ice and took an alternate route, next thing I knew my undercarriage was scrapping the road and I was stuck potholes filled with ice water, just managing to get out I had to drive backwards about a half a mile to find another exit only to get on the Grand Central going the opposite direction and into a rush hour traffic jam. It took me 2 hours to get back to my sister's place in Flushing.